Dea's Monthly Newsletter

A Tidal Wave - How to prepare for the last days
Abortion Issues - When does a fetus become human?
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Benefits of Speaking in Tongues
Celebrating Everything - Learning to celebrate every day
Choose Your Battles - Lessons from war history
Divine Guidance - How to know the will of God
Eternal Security - Can a truly saved person lose their salvation?
Escape from prison - Things Christians can learn from prisoners
Everything is a Test - The Lord tests the righteous
Homosexuality-What does the Bible teach about it?
Key to Your Healing - find the God given key
Profanity - America's new vocabulary
Questions about death - A humorous look at dying
Ridiculous Favor - Get ready for a fantastic miracle!
Steps to Receive the Holy Spirit
Soul Winning Booklet - a guide for personal soul winning
Seven Deadly Sins - Lust, greed, etc.
The Middle East Problem
Stop Following and Start Leading
Stop Worrying - Take a vacation from problems
Walk with God - Safest way to prepare for the last days
What happens to you after you die?